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Hamden Estate Vineyard
Hamden Estate Wine Collection

The siblings’story

Hamden Estate is located on the Dry River Terraces in Martinborough where the free draining soils produce premium wine with intense varietal flavours. The vines were planted by the owners, their daughters (the siblings) and loyal friends whose enthusiasm for digging holes in the stony river bed waned after the first hour.

David’s parents had lived for some years in New Caledonia, and he grew up in a family where wine was part of the culture. As a result of this and other life experiences an enjoyment in wine was born. "I knew of other individuals getting into the wine business and seeming to enjoy it so I thought I might as well follow my passion,” he says.

Consequently, he and Jo bought an eight-hectare bare paddock in the Dry River area of Martinborough and began planning the vineyard. "We did everything ourselves, except the specialist work such as driving posts and running wires. We planted and ran out the irrigation lines. In total the vines required 8,500 holes to be dug, so we roped in some kind friends to help."

The vineyard name, Hamden, is an amalgamation of Jo’s maiden name and David’s surname. The wine bottle label graphic is of three cut out paper doll figures representing their three daughters Frances, Hannah and Claire. Jo is also one of three girls and David is one of three boys. Not only were the daughters involved in helping with the hard, physical labour of establishing the vineyard, but they have also provided abundant advice along the way - some of it related to the vineyard.

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Autumn Leaves

Our wines

The wines all punch above their weight especially those from the excellent 2019 and 2020 vintages.

Bob Campbell MW

The first vines were planted in 2001 and dry grown, that is without irrigation, so as to become deep rooted and in due course produce strong varietal flavours. The first three acres of the 20 acre block were planted in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling as well as four clones of Pinot Noir. Those vines produced the first small vintage in 2007 for the whites and 2008 for the red. The first Rosé vintage was added in 2014, expanding the Hamden Estate range to six.

The next chapter of the story is now yours to enjoy,

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